Pennsburg Fire Company

Chimney Fire on West 5th Street in Pennsburg


Wednesday, January 16, 2013 Box 83-51 was dispatched around 1730 hours for a possible dwelling fire on West 5th Street in Pennsburg bringing Station 65, Engine 38 and Squirt 71.  Chief 65 arrived and advised of flames from the chimney.  Tower 65 arrived set up for roof operations.  Crews went interior to check the status of the wood burner.  Squad 65 arrived and it's crew went to the roof.  Engine 38 arrived and was assigned to assist the Tower crew.  Squirt 38 arrived and was placed in manpower and then checked the outside clean out.  Crews worked to remove the burning material from the fire box and the crew in Tower 65 bucket check the stack.  Numerous clogs were found and cleaned to the clean out.  All fire was extinguished and the unit was red tagged for service.  Chief 65 (Seip) had Command, Captain 65 (Young) had Operations, Assistant 65-2 (Sink) had Interior and Assistant 65 (Gibbs) had Roof Operations.  Medic 369 stood by and Fire Police closed off the area around the fire.  Crews took up in about 45 minutes.