Pennsburg Fire Company

Tower and Squad 65 assist Eastern Berks on a Washington Township Dwelling


Friday, January 25, 2013 Around 1730 hours, Tower 65 was dispatched to assist Eastern Berks Fire Department as the RIT Company on a dwelling fire on Old Route 100 in Washington Township.  Chief 97 arrived with a working fire and set up Command.  Tower 65 was advised on the correct route of travel to set up and requested the second alarm.  With information of multiple lines in service and multiple exposures, Asst 65-2 requested that Squad 65 be dispatched as a second RIT.  Once on scene, the Tower crew broke up into three goups covering the main areas of operation as well as throwing additional ground ladders.  Crews were operating on all 3 Divisions of the fire building as well as the roof.  Crews were also operating in the exposure buildings as well.  Squad 65 arrived and added crews to cover the working areas.  After about 90 minutes, the fire was under control and 65 was returned to service.