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4th Annual Fire Company Golf Outing

Wednesday, February 17, 2016  Come out and support your local volunteer firefighters with a day of golf.  The Pennsburg Fire Company will be holding it's annual golf outing on Sunday May 1, 2016 at Macoby Run Golf Course in Green Lane.  Registration starts starting at 11:30 am followed by lunch at noon and a shotgun start at 1pm.  Dinner and door prizes will follow the round.  Cost is $300 per foursome or $85 per golfer before April 19th so register early.  Cost after that date is $340.00 per foursome.

If you have any questions, please contact Matt Braxton at 484-387-0986 or email We look forward to seeing you for a day of fun, food, playing golf and spending time with the men and women that protect you and your surrounding communities.

We are also looking for a few more sponsors for the event.   Some of the hole sponsors, green sponsors and general sponsors are still available.  See attached sponsor form for details and feel free to contact Matt as well about the availability. 

If you cannot open the attachments, please email and we will send them to you.



Extinguished Dwelling Fire in Pennsburg

Tuesday, February 9, 2016   Crews were alerted to the 800 block of Main Street in Pennsburg this morning for a reported dwelling fire.  Occupant reported smoke and flames in holes in her floors.  Chief 65 arrived to find an extinguished dwelling with minor overhaul.  Assignment was held to Tower 65 to check for extension and overhaul.  FM83 is continuing the investigation.  Fire Police directed traffic around the scene.  Crews returned to service in 45 minutes.  Other units on the assignment were SQ71, E38 M369/CH369 and 83 PD.  



Car Fire at Copart

Tuesday, February 9, 2016   Station 65 was dispatched for a vehicle fire at Copart Recovery on Geryville Pike in Upper Hanover Township.  Chief 65 arrived to find a single vehicle on fire in the lot.  Squad 65 arrived and pulled a foam 1-3/4" line to extinguish the fire.  Crews worked for about 20 minutes and were returned to service.  FM87 is investigating the incident.  Fire Police assisted at the entrance to Copart.



Apartment Fire in Green Lane

Wednesday, February 3, 2016   Tower 65 was dispatched to assist Station 42 (Green Lane) on an apartment fire on Walnut Street in Green Lane Borough.  Chief 72 and Chief 65 arrived to find smoke showing from the eaves of a 2 story wood framed apartment building.  Squirt 71 arrived first and was advised to pull a hand line and advance to the second floor.  Tower 65 arrived next and set up for ventilation and it's crew was assigned to assist with interior operations and search.  Crews found an active fire in the walls of an apartment that was advancing to the attic.  Crews work to pull the walls and ceiling to expose the fire.  The fire was placed under control in about 30 minutes.  Crews worked for another hour with overhaul.  Fire Police had Walnut Street closed around the scene and the Fire Marshal is investigating the incident.  Additional units on the assignment were T42, E72, SD65, SD78, R37 and E38.  Medic 344 stood by as well.  



New Years Eve Chimney Fire

Thursday, December 31, 2015   Crews were dispatched to Broomstick Road in Upper Hanover Township on New Years Eve around 2230 hours for a reported chimney fire.  Deputy 65 arrived to find an active fire in the chimney.  Chief 65 arrived and established command and advised Squad 65 to stretch a dry line to the fireplace area and send a crew to the roof to check the chimney.  Squad and Tower crews threw  ladders and checked for active fire in the chimney.  Crews used extinguishing packets to stop the flame and a brush to remove the creosote.  Interior crews cleaned out the firebox and checked for extension in the tube.  Crews worked for about an hour to extinguish the fire and check for extension.  Fire Police assisted with traffic around the scene.  Other units on the assignment were TW65, L38, SD38, Berks T58.  SQ71 and Berks T97 were returned early in the assignment.  



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Thursday, December 24, 2015   As the year comes to close, the Officers and Member of the Pennsburg Fire Company would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Have a safe and holiday season.  Remember to be smart and be safe in your travels as well as make your home safe for you and your family.  Thank you for supporting a 100% volunteer fire company.  



Commercial Building Fire in Upper Hanover

Tuesday, December 15, 2015   On December 14th around 1730 hours, crews were dispatched to CJ Robinson Company 1705 Pillsbury Road in Upper Hanover Township.  Chief 38 went responding and was advised for a working fire.  As he was arriving, he advised of a working fire with fire through the roof and immediately requested a 2nd alarm.  Engine 38 was advised to lay a line in from the main driveway and L38 was advised to set up on the A/B corner.  Tower 65 arrived and positioned in a lower lot and set up the bucket to the roof. Squad 38 layed a line to Tower 65 and then set up for an additional hydrant and to charge the FDC. Crews attempted an interior attack on Side B but were forced to exit due to distance to the fire.  Crews set up on Side D and advanced a blitz fire to an overhead door to knock down the fire.  Crews also advanced a 1-3/4" line to side A and extinguished fires along the roof line and mezzanine area.  Crews worked for multiple hours getting the fire under control.  Fire was still burning in the roof area which had multiple repairs and layers added over the years.  Multiple companies from Montgomery, Bucks, Berks and Lehigh Counties assisted at the scene.  Crews from Lehigh 13, Bucks Ladder 18 and Rescue 37 stood by at Station 38.  Canteen 41 was set up for refreshments for the firefighters and Medic 369 was staged near the command post.  Crews worked overnight and into the next day to completely extinguish the stubborn fire.  Pennsburg crews were available around 0300 hours.  



Blommer Chocolate Commercial Fire

Tuesday, December 8, 2015   Station 38 was dispatched around 1200 hours for a fire alarm.  Engine and Assistant 38 (Wetzel) arrived and investigated the alarm.  Plant workers advised that one of the pieces of machinery was on fire.  A38 advised MCEDS that they had an active fire in one fo the machines and he was in command.  The upgrade brought TW65, SD65, SQ71, E42 and M369.  TW65 was advised to set up in the employee lot and secure a water supply, pressurize the stand pipe system and set the bucket to the roof.  TW65 crews split in two groups with one to the roof and one to go interior.  C65 (Seip) took his crew and vertically ventilated the building through the vent caps and A65 (Sink) took a crew inside to start attacking the fire.  Crews opened up the unit and placed two 1-3/4" lines in service.  The fire extended into the duct work and machines further inline of the process.  Crews rotated for many hours trying to extinguish the fires in each unit.  D38 (Shafer) assumed Interior and C42 had manpower.  Canteen 41 was called in later in the incident.  Crews had extinguished all fire around 1900 hours and overhaul was completed around 2000 hours.  Additional units on the assignment were L38, Air 38, Berks T58, SD67, E74-1, Bucks E57, Bucks R58, Berks E21 and Medic 344.  

Thanks to the crews from Quint 69 and Squad 78 for standing by at our station and for helping get our trucks back in service.   



Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Wednesday, November 18, 2015   Santa Claus will be coming to the Upper Perk Valley on Saturday 12/19.  Look in the Town and Country for the route and times that Santa and his elves will be visiting your area.  Listen for Santa being driven around on Tower 65 starting at 10am.  If you have any questions, contact the firehouse. Schedule: 1000 View Road and Lakeshore Drive 1020 Pennsburg Square Shopping Center 1040 Montgomery Meadows Development (6th Street Intersections only) 1100 Lake Lane and Seminary Street 1120 Valley Court 1140 Runaway Drive 1200 Penn Street 1220 Shirley Lane 1240 Brooke Run Development (Brooke Road Intersections only) 1300 Northgate Development (Otts Road Intersections only)  Hope to see evreyone there.



Vehicle Rescue Route 663 and Geryville Pike

Friday, October 16, 2015   Around 0500 hours station 65 was dispatched for a vehicle rescue at Route 663 and Geryville Pike.  Chief 65 (Seip) arrived to find a 2 vehicle accident with 2 entrapped.  Squad 65 (Sink) was given orders to take 2 doors and the roof.  Squad 38 (Wilson) was also on the assignment and was advised to assist 65 crews with the extrication.  EMS placed a helicopter on stand by for one unconscious patient and Rescue 65 (Gibbs) was advised to handle the LZ at the LightHouse Church.  Crews worked for about 30 minutes to remove the 2 patients from the vehicle and assisted EMS with patient care and packaging.  Fire Police directed traffic around the busy road at the early part of rush hour.  Crews were back in service in about 60 minutes.  PSP is investigating the crash.



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