Pennsburg Fire Company

Squad 65 Assists Trumbauersville with a Dwelling

Saturday, January 31, 2015   Squad 65 was dispatched to assist Bucks Station 58 with a working dwelling fire in Richland MEadows.  Squad 65 responded with 6 and were assigned the RIT company.  The crew split in 2 and did a 360 of the structure.  Crews worked for about 45 minutes until the incident was under control and then were released by 58 Command.  



Assist to Milford Bucks County at Hampton Inn

Monday, January 26, 2015  Tower and Squad 65 were dispatched to assist Bucks 57 Milford on a building fire at The Hampton Inn in Milford Township Bucks County.  Chief 57 arrived to find a smoke condition on 2 floors.  Tower 65 was advised to stage in an adjacent lot and send manpower to Side A.  Crews assisted with ventilation of the 3 story hotel and went back in service in 90 minutes.



Tower 65 Assists at Douglas Barn Fire

Wednesday, January 21, 2015   Around 2330 hours Tower 65 along with Station 37 and Berks Engine 97 were dispatched for a working fire on Hoffman Road in Douglas Township.  91-PD arrived to find a working fire in an attached workshop at a large working barn.  Assistant 67 (Duncan) arrived and establish command.  T37 arrived first and pulled an attack line to go in service.  Other units arrived and were assigned to fire attack.  Tower 65 responded with a crew of 5 and Deputy 65 (Gibbs).  65 crew were sent to manpower and were quickly assigned to fire attack and overhaul of the workshop.  Crews made a good stop before it got into the barn.  65 units worked for about 90 minutes and went available.  



Hereford Township Dwelling Fire

Friday, January 2, 2015   Around 0930 hours, Tower 65 was dispatched along with Squad 38 to a dwelling fire on Gravel Pike in Hereford Township Berks County.  Berks Chief 58 arrived to find a rancher type dwelling with fire showing.  Crews arrived and went in service with handlines.  Tower 65 arrived and was instructed to perform roof operations. 58 Command requested a second alarm bring additional units from Berks and Montco.  Squad 65 and Special Service 65 responded and went into service with fire containment and overhaul operations.  The fire was placed under control in about 90 minutes.  Crews worked for an additional hour in overhaul.  The fire marshal continues the investigation. Fire Police directed traffic around the scene.  Special thanks to Bucks Tower 18, Tanker 58 and Montco Squad 67 for standing by in our station and helping us get our equipment back in service.



2015 Starts Off with 4 Calls

Thursday, January 1, 2015   Happy New Year to everyone.  2014 went out quietly but 2015 came in like a lion.  Around 1600 hours, Squad 65 was dispatched to cover Station 86 (Skippack) while they operated at a dwelling fire in Perkiomen Township.  While enroute, MCEDS advised AC65 (Sink) that the Squad was due on another box along with Squad 78, L83, R54 and E77 for an odor of gas inside a dwelling in Perkiomen Township.  Squad 65 arrived with the other units and found nothing evident.  While units were clearing a box went out for a dwelling fire in Upper Salford.  Tower 65 was due on that and responded with 7 to the incident.  While enroute, CH65 (Seip) was advised by D78 that all units can recall except Station 78.  Squad 65 cleared and resumed to Station 86 for the cover.  Chief 86 (Marriott) advised that all units could return.  While enroute to Station 65, a dwelling fire was reported in Lower Salford.  Chief 78 arrived with a working fire which brought Station 86 to the scene.  Chief 86 advised that Squad 65 was needed to return to Station 86 and cover while they operated at the Lower Salford call.  Crews stood by for about 60 minutes and then returned to service around 1930 hours.



Car Fire at Copart

Sunday, December 7, 2014   Station 65 was dispatched for a vehicle fire in the lot of Copart in Upper Hanover.  Chief 65 arrived to find a vehicle well involved with exposures to 2 others.  Squad 65 arrived and pulled a foam line and extinguished the fire.  Crews checked for extension in the other vehicles.  Company went available in 30 minutes.



Vehicle Rescue in Upper Hanover

Saturday, December 6, 2014   Station 65 was dispatched for a vehicle accident at Route 663 and Geryville Pike in Upper Hanover around 0500 hours.  Before any crews responded, MCEDS upgraded the incident to a rescue.  Chief 65 arrived to find a 2 vehicle accident with one entrapped in a vehicle on its side.  Squad 65 was told to stabilize the vehicle and go in service removing the roof and doors.  Crews used struts to stabilize both sides of the vehicle due to the precarious position the vehicle was in.  EMS made contact with the trapped driver and started assessing injuries.  Crews used a roof ladder to access the drivers door and the Paladin tool to make cuts in the roof.  Other crews used the O Cutter, sawzalls, glassmasters to remove the other posts, roof and windshield.  Extrication of the driver took about 30 minutes and care was transferred to EMS and then to a medical helicopter.  Fire Police directed traffic around the scene as rush hour traffic was just starting.  Great work by all involved.  This type of incdent shows the importance of training.  Thank you to East Greenville Station 38 for handling the LZ.



Vehicle Rescue in Marlborough Township

Saturday, November 22, 2014   Squad 65 was dispatched to assist Station 42 along with Squad 71 to a reported vehicle accident on Gravel Pike at Green Hill Drive in Marlborough Township.  While crews were enroute, MCEDS upgraded the incident to a vehicle rescue. Squad and Assistant 65 (Sink) responded with 5.  Chief 65 (Seip) arrived to find a 2 vehicle accident with one entrapped and advised that a door and roof needed to be removed to extricate the patient.  Squad 65 arrived first, stabilized the vehicle and went in service with 2 combi tools and the O cutter.  Crews removed the drivers side doors and the roof and a protection line was pulled off Squad 65 and manned by crews from Station 42.  Squad 71 crew assisted 65 with the roof removal.  Medics made an assessment and removed the patient by a backboard with CID.  The patient was extricated in about 20 minutes.  Crews also assisted the tow company with hazard clean up.  Fire Police had Route 29 closed around the scene until all vehicles were removed from the road.



RIT Assignment to Quakertown

Saturday, November 22, 2014   Crews were dispatched at 0530 hours as the second RIT company to assist Quakertown Fire at a working dwelling fire on East Broad Street in Richland Township.  Tower and Deputy 65 (Gibbs) responded with 5 and were assigned to Side C/D corner.  The crew set up on that side and stood fast for about 30 minutes.  Once the incident was brought under control, crews were moved to the manpower and assisted with wrapping up hose for the engine companies.  While Tower 65 operated, Squad 65 was called to cover Station 18.  Squad and Chief 65 (Seip) responded on that assignment and took in a box for smoke coming from the car wash on North West End Blvd. in Quakertown.  That call was returned when crews found steam from the car wash.  All units were available around 0830 hours.



Vehicle Rescue Marlborough Township

Saturday, November 22, 2014  Crews were dispatched for a vehicle accident on Gravel Pike and Green Hill Drive in Marlborough Township around 1950 hours.  While enroute, MCEOC advised units that it was being upgraded to a rescue with one entrapped.  Squad 65 arrived first and went in service stabilizing the vehicle and with the bumper combi tool, O Cutter and Paladin tool.  Crews removed both driver side doors and the roof.  Squad 71 arrived and assisted 65 crews and Rescue 42 arrived and pulled a fire protection line of Squad 65.  Crews removed the one patient in about 20 minutes.  Patient was turned over to 344 EMS.  crews assisted with spills and secured both vehicles.  Crews cleared in about 45 minutes.  Fire Police closed Route 29 in both directions while crews operated at the scene.



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