Pennsburg Fire Company

West Rockhill Township Garage Fire

Monday, June 8, 2015   Squad 65 was dispatched to assist Bucks Station 58 with a working garage fire in West Rockhill Township around 1500 hours.  Squad 65 and C65 (Seip) responded with 5 and were assigned primary RIT company.  C58 established West Rockhill Command and advised he had an attached 2 car garage with heavy fire showing and possible extension to the dwelling. D65 (Gibbs) was assigned Operations and C58 (Diehl) had interior. E58 arrived and pulled 2 handlines and entered side A to extinguish the fire.  Crews also pulled another line to extinguish the fire from the outside.  Squad 65 arrived and set up on side A with crews working on both floors.  SD71 was dispatched as send RIT and took over RIT operations once 65 crews were put to work.  Crews pulled walls and overhauled the garage as well as used handlines to extinguish the remaining fire.  Crews worked for about 90 minutes before being returned to service.



Hereford Garage Fire

Sunday, May 24, 2015   While assisting Red Hill Fire Station 71 at a Vehicle Rescue with helicopter landing in Upper Hanover, Chief 65 was notified that Tower 65 was due on a working garage fire in Hereford Township Bucks County.  Berks Chief 58 arrived to find heavy fire showing from a large commercial garage with numerous oxygen and acetylene tanks that were exposed to the fire.  T58 crew pulled a blitz fire and handline.  Tower 65 arrived and was set up on side C/D.  Squad 65 arrived and went to side A and advanced the handline interior with T58 crew as well as pulled ceilings to expose the fire.  Crews from Tower 65 assisted with overhaul.  Companies went available in about 2 hours.



Vehicle Rescue in Upper Hanover

Monday, May 11, 2015   Station 65 and Medic 369 were dispatched for a reported vehicle rescue on Route 663 in the area of Klinerd Road in Upper Hanover around 1630 hours on Monday.  Chief 65 was advised by MCEDS that a vehicle had struck a school bus with students on-board.  Chief 65 arrived and confirmed that one driver was trapped in a van.  Squad 65 arrived and went in service with multiple tools and cribbing.  Rescue 65 arrived and assisted the Squad crew.  Engine 38 was dispatched to land a medical helicopter near the scene.  Crews worked for about 30 minutes to free the trapped driver and then was turned over to EMS.  The driver of the school bus was treated for minor injuries and the students on the bus were cared for and released to their parents.  Fire Police from multiple companies diverted traffic along the busy road for about an hour while crews worked.  



Thank You Everyone for a Successful Golf Outing

Monday, May 11, 2015   A big thank you goes out to everyone who supported the Pennsburg Fire Company on our 3rd Annual Golf Outing on May 3rd.  The committee worked hard to develop a plan and put it in motion to make this year a success.  We had the most golfers since this started and we had the most door prizes and raffle gifts than years before.  Just as the golf scramble was to start, crews were dispatched for a building fire at Perkiomen Place Apartments in Pennsburg.  Crews found an improper oven burning and were returned to service soon after and returned to the outing.  

A special thank you is in order for Moyer's Restoration and to Town and Country newspaper for their lead sponsorship.  A thank you as well to all of the other companies who supported us as sponsors and donation of gifts and prizes.  

Look for more details on next years outing coming soon.  We need your support and look forward to seeing you there.

Moyer's Restoration

Town and Country



Upper Hanover Dwelling Fire

Saturday, May 9, 2015   Crews were dispatched for a reported barn fire on Miller Road in Upper Hanover Township.  Chief 71 arrived to find fire showing from an out building.  Crews arrived and quickly extinguished the fire and protected the nearby dwelling exposure.  Assisting Station 71 were TW65, E42, T42, E38, Bucks T75 and T58 plus Medic 369. Crews returned to service within an hour.  FM87 is conducting the investigation. 



First Due Dwelling for Station 65

Friday, May 1, 2015   Crews were dispatched for a reported dwelling fire on Buck Road in Upper Hanover.  Chief 65 arrived to find smoke showing from the C side of the dwelling.  TW65 was advised to take the driveway and go in service with a water line for fire showing inside the dwelling.  SD71 was advised to lay into TW65.  E38 crew assisted 65 crews working interior and checking for extension.  Crews advanced an 1-3/4" line into the structure and found fire in the walls.  Command was established and the working fire dispatch was transmitted.  Crews pulled the walls and cut the floor to expose a deep seeded fire in the walls. SD 71 crew went to the roof and checked for extension and found none.  Medic 369 set up on Side D and provided rehab for firefighters.  Fire Police directed traffic around the scene for the duration.  While operating at the fire, another call was transmitted for a water flow alarm.  SD65 and SD 67 (on stand by at Station 65) took in the assignment.  Crews found the pressure had dropped in the system and went available.  Assisting at the scene were SD71, E38,, Bucks E75, Bucks R58 and TW18 (RIT) and Medic 369.  Crews went available in about 2 hours and the FM is investigating the incident.  



Upper Hanover Brush Fire

Tuesday, April 21, 2015   Crews were dispatched to the area of Route 663 and Kutztown Road in Upper Hanover for a reported brush fire.  While enroute, Chief 65 was notified of EMS responding for the homeowner who had fallen from a tree in the area of the fire.  Chief 65 arrived on Kutztown Road and had active fire running the woods threatening a garage.  Assistant 65 arrived on Church Road and had a fast moving field fire running towards a dwelling.  Command was established and 3 more brush units and 2 more tankers were requested.  Squad 65 arrived and pulled 400' of 3" line to a 200' 1-3/4" line to attach the fire.  Berks Brush and Tanker 58 arrived on the Church Road side and extinguished the fields.  T37, Berks Tanker 97, Brush 97-2 and 3 arrived on the Kutztown Road side of the incident and went in service.  Brush 87 was special called as well as Engine 38 for manpower.  Crews worked for 2 hours to bring the fire under control.  Thanks to 344 for rehab and ll the companies that helped that day.  While operating a brush fire on Gravel Pike was called in and some units were able to be released and responded there.  Numerous fires across the area were attributed to the low humidity and dry grounds.  



Squad 65 Assists Station 38 on Dwelling

Saturday, April 11, 2015  Around 1100hrs, Squad 65 was dispatched along with Station 38 East Greenville for a reported dwelling fire in the area of 4th and Main Street East Greenville.  Chief 38 (Wilson) arrived in the 100 block of 4th Street with smoke showing from a 3 story dwelling.  Engine 38 arrived and pulled a 1-3/4" crosslay and a supply line.  Squad 65 arrived next and staged to allow Ladder 38 room to set up.  65 crews forced entry into the dwelling and located the fire on Division 2 of the twin dwelling.  38 crews advanced the line to the fire floor and extinguished the fire.  Crews from 38 and 65 searched the dwelling for occupants and pets.  Fire was put under control in about 30 minutes.  FM office is investigating the incident.  Fire Police secured the area and traffic around the scene.  65 went available in about an hour.  



Vehicle Hits House in Pennsburg

Thursday, March 19, 2015   Initially Station 71 was dispatched to a vehicle accident with injuries at 11th and Main Street in red Hill.  Chief 71 arrived and advised it was in Pennsburg.  A vehicle had navigated across the intersection and into the corner of the house at 11th and Main in Pennsburg.  71 and 65 crews arrived and assessed the home to find major structural damage.  Miller Restoration was called to shore up the home and secure the property.  Crews stood by while the vehicle was removed.  EMS cared for the patient and passenger.  Upper Perk PD is investigating the incident.  Fire Police directed traffic around the morning accident scene.  



Tower 65 Assists Bucks 58 on Dwelling Fire

Monday, March 9, 2015  Tower 65 was due on a dwelling fire on Nursery Road in Milford Township Bucks County. Crews arrived on scene to find a working fire in the garage.  Tanker 58 and E72 arrived and pulled hose lines to extinguish the fire.  Tower 65 arrived and set up on side D as RIT.  Crews did a 360 and threw ground ladders.  Command advised Chief 65 to have the Tower crew pull an additional hand line and make entry on side D to check for extension and ventilate the structure.  Crews advanced the 400' line off Engine 58 and checked all 3 floors for extension.  Crews used PPV fans to ventilate.  Once the fire was under control, 65 units were returned to service.



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