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Multiple Fires at Blommer Chocolate

Monday, July 29, 2013  Crews responded to multiple working fires at Blommer Chocolate in Upper Hanover Township.  Around 2200 hours on Monday night, Station 38, Squad and Tower 65, Squirt 71 and Bucks Ladder & Engine 57 were due on a reported building fire at Blommer.  Chief 38 arrived with smoke showing from a 4 story section of the factory in one of the augers and advised E38 to lay in and Tower 65 to set up on the corner of the building..  Crews worked handlines to suppress the fire in both the auger and roasting bins.  Medic 369 set up rehab to assist the firefighters.  Crews worked until around 0115 hours and were back in service.  Around 0200 hours, crews were alerted to another fire at Blommer Chocolate but this time in one of the bag houses.  The box sent the same apparatus as the first one.  Chief 38 arrived to find smoke showing from the vent pipe and bag house area.  Tower 65 arrived first and was advised to send crews to the roof  and set up the bucket to the silo.  E38 was told to lay in and go in service.  Crews set up leader lines and pulled a high rise bag to the second floor where 65 and 71 crews operated in the bag area to extinguish the stubborn fire.  Crews worked until around 0330 hours and then returned to service.



Pennsburg Wins Annual Water Battle Competition

Thursday, July 4, 2013  Thursday morning, companies from around the Valley took place in the annual water battle competition.  Crews from Pennsburg, East Greenville, Red Hill, Seisholtzville, Eastern Berks and defending champion Hereford set up on the field at Old Goshenhoppen Church park.  Crews drew numbers and started the competition.  This year the barrell needed major repairs as did the cable and strapping. Members from Pennsburg made the repairs and members from Pennsburg and East Greenville took the time to repair the cable and strapping system.  With not having any time on the line, crews from Pennsburg and Hereford tested the line before their first round.  With many close battles and hard fought rounds, the finals wound up to be Pennsburg (coming out of the winners bracket) and Hereford.  After 2 full round battles, Pennsburg came out on top.  Crews celebrated by the ceremonial "Chief Dunk" in the pond that was formed by the water from the battles.  Great job by all companies and thanks to the tankers that supplied water and East Greenville Engine 38 for pumping the lines during the competition..



Tower 65 Due in Washington Township for RIT

Wednesday, June 26, 2013  Tower 65 was dispatched to Washington Township Berks County for a possible dwelling fire on Limekiln Road in Berks 97 first due.  97 Command was established and crews were checking for an odor inside.  No fire was evident so Command recalled 65 units.  Crews returned to service.  Command 65 made it's maiden voyage to the call.



Chief's Vehicle Makes First Call

Wednesday, June 26, 2013  The new Chief's vehicle made it's first call tonight to Washington Township in Berks County.  The 2013 Chevy Tahoe (Co-Stars) with a Hendrickson command cabinet and radio and lighting done by Marriott Emergency Equipment is lettered and ready for service.  The former Chief vehicle is going to be utilized by the fire police as Traffic 65-1.  The new command unit has the Montco MDC with the MSA accountability/firefighter tracking system, complete EMS kit with AED, water and ABC extinguishers, forcible entry tools, hand lights, safety cones, MSA SCBA, MSA 4 gas meter and a full command cabinet to safely run incidents.  The unit was outfitted with a NFPA lighting and siren package as well as compliant striping.  The vehicle will be going in service full time over the weekend.   



Traffic 65 Takes 2nd Place at Sellersville Fire Department 125th Anniversary Parade

Tuesday, June 18, 2013  On Saturday June 15th, the Pennsburg Fire Company Fire Police took Traffic 65 to Sellersville Fire Department's 125th Anniversary Parade.  Crews worked hard and cleaned the traffic unit and were rewarded with a Second Place trophy.  Great job and congratulations.



Vehicle Rescue Training

Wednesday, May 22, 2013  Crews used the weekly training session this week to practice vehicle extrication practices.  With the help of Don's Salvage Yard in Sleepy Hollow, SS65 and Tower 65 set up the rescue grounds with 2 vehicles on their side.  Crews were split up into 2 groups and worked on numerous activities.  One group used air chisels, hand tools and the battery powered Hurst combi tool to skin a roof and do a modified roof flap.  The other group used the Hurst combi tool and O cutter along with a Little Giant ladder to remove a door vertically.  Other activities were using the Paratec quick struts and modified cribbing uses.  Crews worked for about 90 minutes in the humid night and then returned to the station for clean up.  Everyone went away learning something new.  Pictures to be posted soon.



Vehicle Rescue Assist Red Hill Boro

Wednesday, May 22, 2013  The third call in less than 2 hours Wednesday was a vehicle rescue assist to Red Hill Fire Company at 200 Main Street in Red Hill.  Reports were given of a head on collision with one vehicle on it's roof and one person trapped.  Chief 65 arrived and confirmed the same.  Squad 65 responded and was given orders to stabilize the rolled vehicle and remove a door.  Crews used cribbing and the Hurst MOC Combi bumper tool to remove the drivers door and assist Medic 369 in removing the trapped patient.  Extrication was complete in about 15 minutes.  71 and 65 crews assisted both medic crews with packaging both patients and debris clean up on both vehicles.  Fire police shut down Main Street between 2nd and 3rd for about an hour. 



Squad 65 Assists at Working Barn Fire

Friday, May 17, 2013  Squad 65 was requested to assist Station 67 at a working barn fire on Congo Road in Douglass Township.  Assistant 67 arrived to find a barn with heavy fire showing. The barn housed  multiple vehicles and horses but the horses were not inside the barn when firefighters arrived.  Crews set up multiple lines and master streams to protect the single family dwelling on the property.  Squad 65 crew was sent to mapower and rotated in on handlines and master streams.  Crews operated for about 5 hours before being released by 67 Command.  Fire Police assisted at the scene directing traffic around the scene.



New Chief's Vehicle Comes Home

Friday, May 17, 2013  Today Chief Scott Seip and Assistant Chief/Treasurer Joe Sink made the trip to Faulkner Chevrolet in Lancaster, PA to sign for the new Command 65.  A few months ago, the department voted to replace the current vehicle, a 2005 Ford Expedition with the new 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe Costars model.  The expedition will be used by the fire Police as Traffic 65-1.  The order was processed by Steve Dragon from Fleet Sales at Faulkner and financing was provided by Quakertown National Bank. 

The new Command unit will have a custom command cabinet made by Hendrickson Command out of NY.  It will also have an MSA multi-meter, 800mhz radios, SCBA, forcible entry tools, traffic altering devices, First Aid bag, AED and all pre-plan information.  The unit will also have a Montco MDC which was purchased as part of a Regional FEMA Grant last year.  The light package was designed by the Chief and Assistant Chief and will be installed by Marriott's Emergency Equipment in Skippack, PA.  Custom lettering will be done by Danz Lettering of Woxall, PA.  The unit should be ready for service by mid June.  Stay tuned for more pictures.



Annual Pennsburg Fire Company Golf Outing May 4th

Saturday, May 4, 2013  Come out and join your local volunteer firefighters for a day of golf.  The Pennsburg Fire Company will be holding it's annual golf outing on May 4th.  Registration starts starting at 11:30 am followed by lunch at noon and a shotgun start at 1pm.  Dinner and door prizes will follow the round.  If you have any questions, please contact Nate Cordero or Carmen Merolla at the station.

We look forward to seeing you for a day of fun eating, playing golf and spending time with the men and women that protect you and your surrounding communities.

We are also looking for a few more sponsers for the event.   Some of the hole sponsers, green sponsers and general sponsers are still available. 



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