Pennsburg Fire Company

Squad 65 Covers Skippack Station 86

Monday, February 3, 2014  Squad 65 was requested to cover Station 86 around 1930 hours.  Squad and Assistant 65 responded with 6 and stood by in station for 5 hours while they operated at a structure fire in Lower Salford Township.  Crews returned to service around 0030 hours.



Squad 65 assists Station 38 on a Dwelling

Monday, January 27, 2014  Squad 65 was dispatched to assist Station 38 (East Greenville) on a dwelling fire on Treichler Road in Upper Hanover Township.  Squad and Chief 65 responded with 6 and were advised to send manpower to Engine 38.  Crews assisted with interior work and roof work on a stubborn chimney fire that extended into the walls and roof.  Crews worked for about 2 hours and were returned to service. 



Dwelling Fire in Upper Hanover Township

Monday, January 13, 2014  Around 2130 hours, Tower and Squad 65 were dispatched to assist Station 71 on a dwelling fire on Walt Road in Upper Hanover Township.  DC71 arrived and reported a working fire on the 2nd floor.  SQ 71 was instructed to take a water line interior to the fire.  TW65 was advised to set up for ventilation.  After further investigation, interior crews did not find any fire on the 2nd floor or attic.  A fire was located on Die C of the building on the exterior but running the exterior walls and into the garage area.  Crews from TW65 and E38 took lines inside the garage and shed area as started to open up.  A crew worked on the roof to open up the burnt area.  Overhaul was being done on the exterior fire and hot spots were contained.  Units were made available around 2330 hours and returned to service.  Other companies on the assignment were E38, E42, T42, Bucks R58 and Berks R15 as RIT as well as Medic 369.



Building Fire at Blommer Chocolate

Saturday, January 11, 2014  Around 1015 hours, crews were dispatched for a fire inside Blommer Chocolate in Upper Hanover Township.  Deputy 38 arrived and found a fire in one of the processing machines.  Engine 38 was advised to lay in and take a line interior to attack the fire.  Tower 65 arrived right behind and was advised to send manpower up to the scene and establish the water supply for E38.  Crews worked for about 90 minutes extinguishing the fire and ventilating the area before being returned to service.  Other companies on the assignment were Sqt71, E42 and Berks T58.  Engine 37 from new Hanover was requested to cover Station 65 for the duration.



Squad 65 Relocates to Station 86 Skippack

Wednesday, January 8, 2014  Squad 65 was dispatched around 1930 hours to relocate to Station 86 (Skippack) while they operated with Harleysville 89 at a working dwelling fire in Lower Salford Township.  Squad 65 and Asst 65-2 went enroute with 5 and covered their first due for about 2 hours.  Once back in their first due CH86 (Marriott) release the Squad and the company was available around 2200 hours.



Vehicle Extrication in Pennsburg

Monday, January 6, 2014  Station 65 was dispatched for a vehicle accident with entrapment around 1510 hours on Main Street in Pennsburg.  Chief 65 arrived with one vehicle on its roof and one entrapped.  Squad 65 was advised to set up stabilization and remove the doors.  Crews used the Paratech Struts and cribbing to stabilize the vehicle and the combi tool to remove the door.  Enough access was gained for EMS to remove the patient and assess for injuries.  Crews also controlled the hazards and traffic around the scene.  All units cleared within 40 minutes.



Trailer Fire in Upper Hanover

Monday, December 23, 2013  Squad 65 was dispatched to assist East Greenville Fire Company (Station 38) on a trailer fire with exposue to a commercial building on Pillsbury Drive in Upper Hanover Township.  Chief 38 advised Squad 65 to send manpower up to the scene and assit crews working in and around the trailer.  65 crews operated saws and a second hoseline on the trailer.  Crews worked for about an hour and returned to service.  Fire Police closed State Street around the scene.



Santa Claus Visited The Upper Perk Valley

Saturday, December 21, 2013  Santa Claus visited the Upper Perk Valley on Saturday 12/21/13 riding atop Tower 65.  Santa and his elves travelled around Station 65's first due giving out candy bars and candy canes and getting pictures taken with all the kids of the area.  Thank you to Santa and all the elves that gave up time with their families to be there for our community. 



Tower and Squad 65 Assist Quakertown On Dwelling Fire

Monday, December 16, 2013  Tower 65 was alerted around 0530 hours to assist Bucks Station 17&18 on a working dwelling fire on Paletown Road in Richland Township Bucks County.  Crews were assigned RIT and stood fast for about 90 minutes.  Squad 65 was alerted to cover Station 18.  While enroute, they were advised to handle a local box for an alarm system.  Crews were released within 2 hours and returned to service.



Dwelling Fire Hereford Township

Wednesday, December 11, 2013  Tower and Squad 65 were dispatched arround 2100 hours to assist Berks Station 58 (Hereford) on a dwelling fire on Deer Hill road in Hereford Township.  Chief 58 arrived to find a 2 story single family dwelling with fire showing from the 2nd floor. Tower 65 arrived and was advised to go to the roof for ventilation.  Crews threw ground ladders and proceeded to cut vent holes in the roof for the interior crews.  Squad 65 crew was directed to the manpower pool.  The fire was put under control in about an hour and 65 was returned to service some time later.  Fire Police assisted with traffic around the scene as well.



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