Pennsburg Fire Company

Tower 65 added as RIT in District Township Dwelling

Sunday, August 17, 2014   Tower 65 was dispatched by Berks County to assist Station 97 (Eastern Berks Fire) on a working dwelling fire.  Crews from Berks Station 97, 39, 58 5 and 21 arrived to find a working fire in a detached garage.  Tower 65 was added as RIT.  While enroute, Assistant 39 advised Berks that Tower 65 was not needed and returned to service.



Acquired Structure Training

Wednesday, August 13, 2014   Crews gathered at 1830 hours for a planned drill at an acquired structure on the grounds of Perkiomen School.  Crews were placed into Search and Rescue teams and assigned a floor to search.  Each floor had zero visibility from a smoke machine.  Crews learned and practiced new ways to perform searches for trapped victims.  The next evolution was a VEIS (Vent Enter Isolate Search) scenario.  Crews encountered a smoke filled room while accessing it only from a ground ladder.  Crews entered the room and performed a quick but effective search of the room.  While in the room, each crew encountered a change in evolution that trapped them from their ladder exit.  Each crew had to breach a wall (plaster lathe) and find an alternative escape route.  Crews worked hard all night and after all equipment was cleaned and returned to service, a critique of the nights drill was performed and many lessons were learned.  

Thank you to Perkiomen School for the use of the building and to all the crew members that came out to learn.



RIT Assist to Bally Borough

Sunday, July 6, 2014   Crews were alerted to assist Easter Berks Fire in Bally for a reported dwelling fire.  Berks crews arrived to find heavy fire in the rear of the structure.  Tower and Chief 65 (Seip) responded and were assigned RIT duties.  Crews threw ladders and were positioned on all sides.  Crews assisted with ventilation once the fire was under control.  65 units were available in about 2 hours.  



Strong Storms Hit Region Overnight

Thursday, June 19, 2014   Strong storms hit the region overnight bringing strong rain and dangerous lightening to 65's first due. 65 crews were dispatched for a water flow alarm at US Tape on Quakertown Road in Upper Hanover Township.  While on scene, Bucks County was transmitting a tactical box in Trumbauersville's first due on Allentown Road.  Crews stood by at US Tape until the key holder arrived, did a interior sweep of the building and found nothing.  Tower 65 was released and responded on the box.  CH58 had 58 Command and advised E58 to pull into the driveway and pull a water line and go in service to the garage.  Tower 65 arrived next and was told to ladder the building and perform overhaul.  E%& laid a supply line to the scene.  Crews operated for about 2 hours and returned to service.  65 Officers responded back to US Tape for an additional alarm.  Also while crews were out another alarm system was transmitted in Marlborough Township that 65 would have been due on plus a fire police call in Milford Township for trees down.



Squad 65 Covers Station 86

Monday, June 16, 2014   Squad 65 was dispatched by 86 Command to cover their station while they operated at a building fire on Collegeville Road in Skippack Township.  Crews stood in station for about 2 hours before being returned to service.



Squad 65 Covers Bucks Station 18 and Runs a Dwelling Fire

Friday, June 13, 2014   Squad 65 was dispatched to cover Bucks Station 18 while they operated at a dwelling fire in Richland Township.  While at station 18, a tactical box was dispatched in Trumbauersville's local on Hillcrest Drive.  Squad 65 and Lehigh Ladder 4 arrived and were advised that there was smoke in the basement.  Asst. 65 went to the interior and found a smoke haze and burning electrical smell in the basement.  Power was secured to the dwelling and crews continued to check the residence with the TIC.  BC58 had command and Chief 65 had operations.  Ladder 4 set their main to the roof to check for a possible lightning strike.  E58 arrived and took it's crew interior.  No other issues were found except in the basement and all units except Bucks 58 were made available.  Crews operated for about 45 minutes.



Gilbertsville Barn Fire

Monday, May 12, 2014   Tower 65 was dispatched to cover Station 67 (Gilbertsville) while they were operating at a working barn fire.  While enroute, Tower 65 was advised to move into the scene as the RIT company.  Tower with a crew of 5 set up RIT on Side B/C and C/D corners.  While crews were operating, the walls collapsed on 2 sides and crews were removed back to an extended distance.  Once operations were shut down, Tower 65 crew helped with clean up and putting trucks back in service.



Tower 65 Due As RIT in District Township Berks County

Thursday, April 17, 2014   Tower 65 was dispatched to Weir Road in District Township for a working building fire.  Berks 97 units arrived with a  fully involved hobby shop with exposures.  Tower 65 was advised by Berks that RIT was not needed due to the structure being completely razed.  Crews went available shortly after.



Dwelling Fire Marlborough Township

Thursday, April 17, 2014   Squad 65 was dispatched along with Station 42, 72, Squrt 71, Engine and Tanker 78 and Bucks Engine and Tanker 58 to a dwelling fire on Scott Road in Marlborough Township.  CH72 arrived to find active fire in a chimney and advised E72 to ladder the chimney and work on the firebox.  As more crews arrived, crews worked to ventilate the dwelling and remove all fire from the fire box. All units except 72 units and E42 were held at staging along Swamp Creek Road.  All units were made available in about 30 minutes.



Reported Dwelling Fire in Northgate Development

Tuesday, April 15, 2014   Box 87-55T was dispatched to Hayward Ave and Danville Drive in Upper Hanover Township for a reported dwelling fire.  Caller said they saw flames coming from a dwelling under construction.  Due on the assignment were TW65, SD65, E38, SQ71, Bucks T75 and Bucks T58.  AC65 arrived with nothing evident.  After investigation, a construction heater was found to be operating normally in the building.  No fire services needed and all crews were available in 10 minutes.  



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