Pennsburg Fire Company

Memorable Moments in the History of the Pennsburg Fire Company*



Hose carriage and ladder wagon are purchased by Pennsburg Town Council on June 10. The equipment is built in Reading, PA.
Pennsburg Fire Company is organized on October 15.
Charles A. Kneule is elected first Company President.
Dr. Charles Q. Hillegass is elected Fire Chief.


Pennsburg Fire Company is incorporated on October 29.
Drum Corps organized, Romanus Miller instructing.


First company fire police are appointed.


Company purchases first motorized fire truck, a Velie, equipped with a four-cylinder engine and 350 gallon per minute pump.


Herbert Kneule is appointed first Engineer of the Company.


Company purchases Hahn fire truck to augment the Velie.
First Aid Teams established by the Company to respond to medical emergencies.


Company purchases Dodge Roadster to be used as the Chief's car.


Original fire house razed to make room for larger structure.


New, larger company facilities are completed. Ownership of the new facility remains with the Town Council.
Ladies Auxiliary formed.


Company purchases American LaFrance Model 92 pump fire truck to replace the Velie.


Company purchases American LaFrance Type 94 Ladder Truck.


Perkiomen Trunk and Bag fire destroys the local business, leaving 200 jobless in the early years of the "Great Depression".


George Berman donates 3/4 ton International panel truck to the company. The truck will be used to carry equipment such as a resuscitator and gas masks.


Company purchases the fire house from Pennsburg Borough Council for $70,000.
Seagrave fire truck, equipped with a 750 gallon per minute pump and a 350 gallon water tank is purchased to replace the 1922 Hahn.


Company purchases a Seagrave fire truck to replace the 1928 American LaFrance. The new truck is equipped with a 750 gallon per minute pump and 750 gallon water tank.


Local entertainment spot, Sleepy Hollow Ranch, is razed by a spectacular fire on November 3.


A 1948 Seagrave 65 foot aerial/pump fire truck is purchased from the Fairmont Fire Company of Lansdale, PA. In addition to the aerial, the truck is equipped with a 750 gallon per minute pump and a 125 gallon water tank.


A Chevrolet van is purchased to replace the 1941 panel truck.


Company purchases an American LaFrance fire truck to augment its current equipment. The truck is equipped with a 1000 gallon per minute pump and a 1000 gallon water tank.


Five residents are rescued from a smoky apartment house fire at 129 Fourth Street.


A 1969 Seagrave aerial truck is purchased from the Edina, MN Fire Department to replace the 1948 Seagrave aerial. The newer truck is equipped with a 100 foot aerial ladder.


Longtime company member and firefighter Euguene Knause dies at the scene of a barn fire. His name is later inscribed upon the Montgomery County Firefighters Memorial.


Construction is completed on a new fire house. The 5000 square foot structure is built by Baver Construction at a cost of $155,000. Over 100 fire trucks from over 52 companies participated in a parade and dedication ceremony for the new fire house.


A 1976 Sanford fire truck is purchased from the Taunton, NY Fire Department to replace the 1962 Seagrave. The truck is equipped with a 1500 gallon per minute pump and a 750 gallon water tank.


A 1982 Mack MS200 truck is purchased and refurbished to replace the 1969 Chevrolet. The Chevrolet is converted and equipped as a Fire Police unit.


Perkiomen School's Kriebel Hall is destroyed by fire on April 17.


A 1980 Mack fire truck, refurbished in 1989, is purchased from the Abington, PA Fire Department. The truck is equipped with a 1500 gallon per minute pump and a 750 gallon water tank. The truck replaces the Sanford.


The Company purchases a 1980 Ford Ranger truck to replace the 1969 Chevrolet Fire Police Unit.


The Company purchases 14 new sets of Morning Pride Turnout Coats and Pants at a cost of $12,000.
The Company purchases 15 new Survivair light-weight airpacks and 17 spare bottles at a cost of $35,000.


The Company celebrates the 100th Anniversary with a parade on June 12th.
PA Department of Forestry donates a 1986 Chevy diesel pickup truck to be utilized as a Field Unit.


The Company purcheses a 1986 Mack fire truck from Abington Fire Company, to be used as a Rescue/Pumper.


The Company purchases a MSA 4000 Thermal Imager from a $9,900 State Grant along with Pennsburg Borough Funds - total cost $19,000.


The Company purchases a 1992 Pierce Aerial from Abington Fire Company - total cost $250,000.